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RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - GodDamage - Jun-10-2011

Thanks! Sorry i didn't bother to introduce myself first. About the name, well I used it a lot when i was a hardcore online gamer so Albertosaurus is about right Smiling

I tried posting this earlier with my Android phone but it seems that didn't work:

The bookcover showcased on still reads "Drakengebieder" which means Dragon Commander while the title of the book is "Drakenstad"; Dragon City.
"Drakengebieder" is someone/something that has control over dragons and not a dragon itself i.m.h.o. This was discussed in this thread earlier.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Jussi - Jun-17-2011

If we believe, City of Dragons will be published in February 7, 2012.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Farseer - Jun-17-2011

Thanks, Jussi! Clapping

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - 'thul - Jun-17-2011

UK version of amazon has it released on the 26th april 2012.

So the US release date is the one these beings like best.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - SeomonFarseerStark - Jun-22-2011

Quote:There will be, I hope, two more volumes. City of Dragons and Dragon Blood. The first to come out in April or May of 2012, the second to follow within 6 months.

IF all goes as planned, that is!


Why do we have to wait that long? Didn't Robin finish the book(s) at the start of the year?

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - 'thul - Jun-22-2011

Most books need considerable editing after the author turns in the manuscript to the editor. Once that is done, the publisher waits till the market conditions are "right". Unfortunately that means extra delays.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Farseer - Jun-22-2011

Well met and welcome to thePlenty, SeomonFarseerStark! Flowers

(Jun-22-2011, 03:37 AM (UTC))SeomonFarseerStark Wrote: Why do we have to wait that long?

So we all have time to finish reading/re-reading the RotE-related short stories in 'The Inheritance', and to get through a re-read of the other RotE short stories eg Words Like Coins as well as the Farseer, LST, TM and RWC books? That's what I'm doing anyway! Big Grin

Robin is the clever minstrel who enjoys making us wait, feeding us well-paced morsels before sweeping us up in her final refrain!

Quite seriously though, she has also spent a great deal of time 'tweaking' the story, especially after being given the go-ahead that enabled her to spread it over the two volumes rather than the one (although she may have 'finished' the story earlier, this then gave her the opportunity to add much more to the story than she'd originally been able to).

I think it's a fantastic time to be a Hobb/Lindholm fan - so much to look forward to! Yay

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - finella - Jun-22-2011

I can imagine, we will read more about Hest then we would like to. I’m afraid, Dragonblood and –flesh will be a precious merchandise and Hest is a bastard.
I hope to see the fool again. He is/was so chained in bringing back the dragons to the world and his fate is a sort of loose end for me. He has fulfilled his task as the white prophet but not his life, as Fitz didn’t allow him to dy. So I really hope to meet him again.
If we will see Fitz ..??? I doubt it. Although it indeed would be a great joy. But in my feelings the chance to meet the fool is bigger Smiling.
I’d guess, that Thymara will stay alone for a while. She is in a way very autonomous and I think, she will be busy enough to get familiar with her wings, Sintara and all the other changes awaiting her. I think there will be something bigger waiting for her. (provided that there will be no bigger time gap between the end of DH and the new one)

Anyway, when the book will come out in spring 2012, there is enough time for me to make a re-read of DK and DH in winter. To fill the time in between, I probably will make an english re-read of The song of Ice and Fire. I only know it in german, and if it’s reasonably easy for me, I will buy the latest book, which will come out next month or so. Hach, good times in front of us ClappingYay.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - 'thul - Jun-22-2011

Hopefully City of Dragons will pick up (almost) immediately after DH... It would be interesting to see how those wings develop, and how well she learns to control them...
Will RH take into account that it is highly difficult for something to fly using just wings? There is after all a reason most flying creatures have some sort of tail structure. Birds have tails, dragons have tails, bats have webbing between legs and tail... etc...

One of the things these beings are highly curious about is whether any of the Elderlings will develop venom sacs akin to those the dragons have... (for some reason they look on Spit as a likely candidate to give such change... It is, after all, highly useful for a hunter to have, and Spit is highly proud of his spitting...)

Considering the important events that have to be explained concerning Kelsingra, these beings have rather strong doubts that the books will start more than a couple of months after the end of DH. The reactions of people in trehaug/cassarick/bingtown to the survival of the expedition, the thriving of the dragons, the new elderlings and all that are far too many and too important to merely be stuffed into a prologue chapter...

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds (spoilers RWC) - Apricot - Jun-23-2011

I patiently await the new book, ok maybe not patiently but waiting none the less. Farseer you mention a book Words Like Coins, I've not heard of this before can you tell me where I can get my hands on a copy.