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RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Oblivia - Mar-16-2011

I can't wait to read the next in the series. I enjoyed the first 2 immensely. I've been checking her blog constantly looking for when the next one will be released, so thank goodness for this place! I'm looking forward to seeing how the characters develop and the situations progress. 2 books rather than 1 is no problem for me but the gap between will be a slog.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - 'thul - Mar-16-2011

These beings welcome the entity known as "Oblivia".

The delay between the two will be annoying, but its better to have the total delay spaced out a bit, rather than to have to wait several years for book 5 (or 3, depending on how you see it)...

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Lady Laura - Mar-16-2011

Welcome Oblivia!

My main "problem" with having to wait for new books in a series, is that sometimes my expectations grow unrealistically high, and they are not always met. But I'm looking forward to reading the next Rain Wilds Chronicles book, and being able to discuss it with others on this forum Big Grin I don't mind the wait between the 2 books as much if I have others to speculate with while we are waiting Smiling And I expect that by the time the first of the 2 books comes out, I'll have read Farseer and Tawny, and wont need to avoid spoilers anymore XD

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Farseer - Mar-16-2011

Yes, well met and welcome to the forums, Oblivia (love your avatar!).

I love that we get two books for the one story again, Yay especially as Robin had to go back and add a few more things once the decision to release two was made. Just imagine the good stuff she'd have had no choice but to delete if her publishers had said, "We're not doing that two book thing again...go back and rework your manuscript so it's only enough for one."

From reading her comments on the newsgroup, Robin herself was quite pleased with the result as she was then able to go back and expand on some of the character developments and ideas, not to mention she seemingly didn't get into strife for already having exceeded her previously allowed limit - BRAVO publishers! Thankful

I guess the more words, pages and books we get, the 'fuller' and more well-rounded the story we receive and thus a greater understanding of the story Robin has to tell. There are so many riddles to nut out, I need as many extra words as I can to help me...though the extra words probably contain just as many more extra riddles! P

I agree, waiting does increase the level of expectation to often unrealistic heights (we're human after) and it's sanity-saving to be able to just come on here and chat about things in the meantime...I think I'd have been driven mad without thePlenty and all of you!!! Grouphug

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Lady Laura - Mar-17-2011

I'm also happy that Robin doesn't need to edit her story down to just 1 book, it would be a crime for her to do that when she has enough ideas for 2 books! Big Grin And I'd be optimistic enough to hope that there will only be a year(ish) gap in between the 2 books, based on the gap between DK and DH. Although anything can happen, I know.

Yes, this forum will the the first place I'll visit when i finish reading each of the new books Grouphug It's gonna be fun speculating after the first one is out!!!

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Farseer - Mar-18-2011

Oblivia, I've just read your bio Smiling may find you have a bit in common with joost, at least as far as music goes, over in the What are you listening? thread?

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - assasin - Mar-18-2011

Two more rain wild books. I cant think of any good words to express my excitement.

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Lady Laura - Mar-18-2011

There's quite a few things I'd like to disuss about the next books... I'll start with Thymara. Does anyone have any strong feelings on what they think (or would like) to happen? Personally, I used to really like Tats as a character, but by the end of DH... I just wanted to hit him Dodgy I do expect that he and Tymara will probably stay together, but I'm curious to see how Tats' views on their relationship developes, and how he comes to respect and understand Tymara's views on the matter. But if Tats and Tymara do stick together, they have quite a few things to work out.

Apart from that relationship, I really am looking forward to seeing Tymara using her wings, and maybe to see if the other dragons experiment with their own Elderlings in such a way... The dragons might get a bit too competitive Undecided

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - 'thul - Mar-18-2011

These beings wonder if perhaps Thymara will end up choosing Rapskal, simply because of his persistence in not giving up, and the fact that their dragons are the first ones to attain flight... But it will take time before any such relationship actually takes off, for various reasons...

These beings doubt that any other dragon will go for a winged Elderling, but not that they will go for strange abilities/shapes... Perhaps one of the Elderlings will learn to spit acid like a dragon? Or gain the jaw power of a dragon? Or perhaps grow considerably larger than a human? Or grow a tail? Or end up going from a basically bipedal being to a quadrupedal being? The possibilities are nearly endless... Personally these beings would like the first type. Or perhaps at least one that has claws that are venomous/acidic... To be as vengeful as [[Spit]] or [[Kalo]]... The majority of the Elderlings are too "nice"... The only one that shows any real draconic personality traits is [[Thymara]], and she only to a limited degree...

These beings very much hope that the next book picks up right where DH stopped, not months later... It would be a disappointment to not get the part where Thamyra learns to fly...

'thul also feel that Tats and Thamyra have drifted too far apart...

RE: "The Next Book" set in the Rain Wilds - Lady Laura - Mar-18-2011

Oh yes, there are endless possibilities for the ways the dragons can shape their Elderlings! I like your ideas, and I agree that most of them do seem to be on the "nice" side as it is... But that all might change in the next books Smiling

Actually I'm not enthusiastic about Thymara staying with Tats anymore, I'd definately prefer to see her with Rapskal, that would be interesting Big Grin I just have this gnawing feeling that she's still going to "end up" with Tats... we'll see though, I hope to be proved wrong!

Good point, I hope it continues on straight after DH too.