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The Tangle - Photogallery - maulkin - Apr-01-2010

I thought that it would be nice to have a thread where we can post pictures (of ourselves, our pets or other things that take our fancy). I can't wait to see what you all look like!

To begin, here is a picture of me with my daughter Emily, taken last October, the week after Emily was born. I haven't changed much since then but Emily has more than doubled in size! The picture is a thumbnail from Photobucket so if (for some inexplicable reason) you want to see a larger picture of my ugly mug, you can just click on it.

[Image: th_DSC_0806.jpg]

RE: Mervi's Tangle - Photogallery - Mervi - Apr-01-2010

Nice idea, but can I change the header to something else than "Mervi's"? Blushing
How about "The Tangle"?

RE: Mervi's Tangle - Photogallery - maulkin - Apr-01-2010

(Apr-01-2010, 05:10 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: Nice idea, but can I change the header to something else than "Mervi's"? Blushing
How about "The Tangle"?
If you insist, or perhaps just "The Tangle".

RE: Mervi's Tangle - Photogallery - Albertosaurus Rex - Apr-01-2010

This photo was taken some time ago (september 2008 in fact), but it's still one of the few pictures of myself that I actually like. My looks haven't changed all that much since. (Down to that hideous unshaven-looking neck. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get all the hairs off my neck - throat? What's the appropriate word to use in English?)

[Image: 916355238_5_eYr5.jpeg]

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - chriSchaeffer - Apr-02-2010

It's no mystery what I look like (hint, my avatar), but here's a few pics for The Tangle.

My wife and I
[Image: 4474490656_e814922856_m.jpg]

Me with our Tangle leader
[Image: 2250944743_db2106a2e2_m.jpg]

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - maulkin - Apr-05-2010

Out for a walk on Easter Sunday with Aberystwyth in the background. I like to think that it is a little like Buckkeep town, although all of it is built firmly on dry land! We do have a castle (built in the 13th Century) but it was partially demolished during the civil war and is now completely ruined. I look very pale in this photo, partly because this is the first sunny day in months and partly because I have just climbed a very steep hill with a 7 kg baby strapped to my belly.

[Image: th_DSC_0176.jpg]

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - Nuytsia - Apr-06-2010

No way I'm revealing the scariness that is my appearance! Long live the anonymity of the internet! Detective

Hey do you live in Wales? I'm just taking a wild guess at a place with a name like Aberystwyth ........ My geographical knowledge is poor I'll admit.

I always thought that my dad's family were Welsh but I got some family history stuff a while back and they seem to be more from the part of England NEAR the border of Wales, so , boring old English.
(Reminder: I'm Australian)

Actually that coastline in the background of your pic could be somewhere around Hobart (which is my neck of the woods in Aus). No historic castles here unfortunately.

Ok here's my attempt at posting a photo - it's a duckling (obviously) - crumbs now I can't remember what type, probably 'Black Duck'. This park was right across the road from the building I worked in right in the city of Perth , and several species of ducks used to breed there every year (also black swans). Was so nice being able to go see them at lunch time.
[Image: 3667555787_489bfb9dd4.jpg]

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - maulkin - Apr-06-2010

Yes, I live in Wales and have done for most of my adult life, although by birth I am just another boring old Englishman! Aberystwyth is in Cardigan Bay, on the west coast of Wales. It is in a very rural area where the Welsh language is still widely spoken. Whereabouts in England do your ancestors hail from?

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - Nuytsia - Apr-07-2010

Oops sorry about the boring! Hehehe, nah just that so many Aussies are of English descent.
I think they were from Shropshire?
Not sure where that family tree paperwork is just now........

Of course going back further (on the other side of the family) I have ancestors from all around England (from memory most from either around London or up in the north). One other branch of the family is Scottish but I don't know exactly where from even though they came to Australia more recently than the others. Now I wish I'd been more interested in this when I was a kid so I could have asked more questions of people who knew this stuff, but are no longer with us now.

RE: The Tangle - Photogallery - Albertosaurus Rex - Apr-07-2010

(Apr-06-2010, 05:38 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: No way I'm revealing the scariness that is my appearance! Long live the anonymity of the internet! Detective

I used to be very hesistant. Still am, this is basically the only photo of mine online. Being the owner of a genealogical website has lessened my reluctance somewhat.