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RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Mar-22-2013

Outside of my two eldest, who have left home, I have come to never expect *anyone* to ring, 'thul beings.

Never fear...*we* love all of you beings. Slurp Grouphug

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Mar-22-2013

well, these beings' family is a bit more spread out. It is natural for family that hasn't left home to not need to call...
Here's some estimated distances for where 'thul has their family in relation to their own location.
758.992 km
419.740 km
416.835 km
31.967 km
9767.336 km

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Mar-22-2013

Ha ha! 'thul, the very closest family member that I geographically have (other than my husband and daughter who are here with me) lives over 800kms away. The others are far, far further still... Big Grin

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Mar-22-2013

those are straight-line distances. Calculate in travel time, and it'll be considerably longer for most.

Are your "others" as far away as the last point these beings had on the list?

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Mar-23-2013

(Mar-22-2013, 07:51 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: It is natural for family that hasn't left home to not need to call...

Ah, but they *do* have a need to still call if they are technically 'still at home' (under your jurisdiction so to speak) but are away attending boarding school, university or school camp or somesuch, 'thul beings. Wink I guess I was trying to differentiate that my two eldest have actually now 'left home' permanently, as of this year (though they would still once call even when they had not 'left home' previously). Our home address is still their 'home' address for most things for ease of mail receipt though.

As for current distances, no, the furtherest one of my immediate family members currently away from me is about 5 000kms. Still, even while 13 800kms away, one of my sons managed to make contact with us. In this day and age, contact doesn't have to come in the form of a phone call.

Also, distance (small or large) has nothing to do with deciding reasonableness or unreasonableness of having a family member call on a birthday. A family member living four kms away with good intentions, a busted car, a flat phone battery, a sore leg or small child and who lives near a broken payphone could find contact far more of an impossible task than a family member who lives 10 000kms away in close proximity to an internet cafe.

As for the one of your family members who did not ring: if they usually ring, maybe they forgot, got caught up with some emergency, converted to the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses, were taken by aliens while they were sleeping or, with the good intention to ring you after the movie had finished, they fell asleep during a boring movie, had something more important to do and thought you'd understand OR they merely wanted you to *think* that they forgot and a brilliant gift is winging its way to you as we type. Smiling

Few in my husband's family rings him either. The older we get the less it seems to be 'required'?

My initial response was more that I no longer have any expectation regarding anyone in my family ringing or not ringing. If one does not assume and expect, one cannot be disappointed or let down as much.

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Apr-01-2013

he did call the day after. After having been informed somehow that he really should do it by parents.

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - May-17-2013

Once again, these beings have been celebrating the Norwegian Constitution day. For the first time in their lives, they did not travel into the capital to celebrate it, instead doing it where they normally live.

RE: What's happening in your world? - KekPafrany - Sep-15-2013

I have been unemployed for nearly 9 months, next week I will begin in a new place Smiling
HappyballoonI will hate the early rising, and I got 115 pages law to learn, but it's still a celebration for me.

I drew something for my mother's name-day, I think here, the dragon lovers might like it:

[Image: mother_of_the_blue_wolf_by_kekpafrany-d6mbo7m.jpg]

RE: What's happening in your world? - Valarya - Sep-16-2013

That's beautiful, KekPafrany!! And congratulations on the new job. Smiling