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RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-12-2010

Curse you 'thul !!!! Now I have another thing on the web that Ive got sucked into!!!!!
Love it... hehehe 'Richard' ....

Farseer WOW that's so exciting! I love travel...... Geee that will be pretty special on ANZAC day!

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Aug-12-2010

*evil laughter*

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-13-2010

*ineffectually waves clenched fist in the air in 'thul's general direction*

Happening in My World:
Ok I asked for it!
We had 18 mm of rain on Tuesday night, then Wednesday it literally rained all day and night and we got 110 mm !!!!!!!!! IN 24 HOURS!
That's more than our closest weather station has had in the past FOUR MONTHS!

My only complaint is that I didn't realise it had rained THAT MUCH (it was constant light rain, not a downpour) and I didn't check the tank until about 4.30pm Wednesday , and found it was overflowing! (that means it got 10,000 litres of water in one day!!!) So I quickly had to rig up hoses to get some water into our depleted bushfire supply tank , before more got wasted in the overflow. Gah!!
For some reason while I was doing this, the local Wedgetail Eagle was flying ominously low overhead.... it was totally eyeing me off thinking 'hmmm if she falls off that rickety ladder in the wet and hits her head there's my dinner for a week!!!!!!!'

I couldn't believe the creek started flowing so high SO QUICKLY! I went down there Wednesday arvo to have a look and it had gone from the lowest I've seen it to almost the highest I've seen it. Unfortunately I didn't take the camera down (it would have got drenched) but here's some pics to give you a rough idea. The low one is from recently and the high one is actually from last year (but that's where it was Wednesday arvo). Unfortunately the angle the pic is taken from is different, but that's actually the same bit of the creek in both pics.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Albertosaurus Rex - Aug-18-2010

YES! My papers are finally done! Oh, I have to make a few tiny changes to the one for Religious Studies, but it has basically been accepted. Very soon, I will hold both a bachelors degree in Philosophy and in Religious Studies. (Which is not the same as theology, just to be clear.) Yeah!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-18-2010

What a great feeling that is!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Albertosaurus!

Happening in my world:

Weather update - drove home the other evening and it was SNOWING! Ok a lot of you are probably totally unimpressed by that, but it's pretty rare here!
Unfortunately no snow at my place, but there was snow on the ground (and road) about 3km's up the road, and next morning there was a LITTLE dusting of snow on the 'mountain' top visible from my house.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Albertosaurus Rex - Aug-18-2010

Trust me, it does sound impressive to me - we don't get much snow in the Netherlands either. Although I did have to wrap my head around there being snow in August - I forgot for a moment that you're not in the northern hemisphere.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-19-2010

Well it's good to know it's impressive to someone else!
It's really weird driving through it... it looks like those old windows screensavers with stars coming at you ....
Heh I would be REALLY impressed if it snowed in the last month of summer, yeah!!

*note: I accidentally typed 'wincows' instead of 'windows'..... now that would be a cooler name I reckon*

RE: What's happening in your world? - Albertosaurus Rex - Aug-19-2010

But tell me this: if it snows in your country, even if it's less than a centimeter, does the same thing happen as in mine? Which is: Traffic jams and trains running erratically. Just the merest snowdrop is enough to do that because we aren't used to anything.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Mervi - Aug-19-2010

After two weeks of Nothing's Happening, the repair guys are back and drilling holes through my bathroom walls. I can not tell you how glad I'm going to be once this is over! I don't even mind the noise and dust so much, but it's so annoying to get up before 7 am every morning just in case this is the day they need to come to my apartment... and then realize for 10 days straight that no, it was the turn for the neighbour's apartment or the one below me instead.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-19-2010

Heh Albertosaurus here in my country sometimes there are power outages because it rained and there was a lot of dust on the power lines .... or something like that!!!

Hmm in almost all capital cities in Australia it wouldn't snow anywhere near densely populated areas so no we don't have traffic jams or train problems due to snow that I KNOW of ..... but then I think the coldest capital city in winter would be Canberra and I have never lived there.
In general it really mainly snows in the mountains here.

Our trains run erratically in any weather ....... they have had stoppages due to HOT weather in Perth ..... not sure what it does to them... something mysterious.

Mervi you poor thing!!!!!

Here's a pic of snow that we could see from our lounge room window briefly the other morning after the night it was snowing on the roads. *hint: look REALLY hard*