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RE: What's happening in your world? - Liquid Ice - Aug-19-2010

(Aug-19-2010, 11:16 AM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: Heh Albertosaurus here in my country sometimes there are power outages because it rained and there was a lot of dust on the power lines .... or something like that!!!

Hmm in almost all capital cities in Australia it wouldn't snow anywhere near densely populated areas so no we don't have traffic jams or train problems due to snow that I KNOW of ..... but then I think the coldest capital city in winter would be Canberra and I have never lived there.
In general it really mainly snows in the mountains here.

Our trains run erratically in any weather ....... they have had stoppages due to HOT weather in Perth ..... not sure what it does to them... something mysterious.

Mervi you poor thing!!!!!

Here's a pic of snow that we could see from our lounge room window briefly the other morning after the night it was snowing on the roads. *hint: look REALLY hard*

Nice pic, did you go up there? P
And my place the power switches its self off when ever it rains to much. Only have to flick a switch on and its fine for a few hours but overly annoying. -_-'

I've heard of the occasional traffic jams up in Tassy thanks to snow... but thats really only the mountainous areas and away from any real towns...

Also the only thing I can think of with the trains stopping is it gets so hot the train tracks like.. expand to much because of the heat... but I might be making stuff up here.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-20-2010

Heheh no I didn't go up there! It's probably further than it looks, and it's all private property..... no doubt it would have melted by the time I got there!
Gees your power sounds dodgy!
Wow we've had traffic jams? I didn't know we had enough traffic to jam ... Proud
We definitely get road closures due to snow for short periods on occasion ... depending where you are .... and I heard a bus load of school kids got stuck on Mt Wellington the other day when the road got snowed over! (it was probably for like 3 hours or something)

Yeah you could be right re the trains. But go ahead and make stuff up - I'm sure that's what the train company does! Innocent

Anyhoo, today it SNOWED HERE at my house!!!!!! YAY! Yay
It was pouring rain and I looked out the window and stuff was falling in the rain and then a lot more 'stuff' was falling in the rain and it was snow flakes!! I've never seen snow falling from my house ever!!! In fact I cannot ACTUALLY recall seeing snow falling before (except on the road the other night) although I have been to 'the snow'. I didn't even know snow and rain fell together! Is that sleet?
It melted as soon as it hit the ground though ....Toohot

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Aug-21-2010

I don't come on this thread much as I think it would be the only one I visited if I did...things, some good and mostly not-so-good, are always happening to me!

Loved the pic of your snow, Nuytsia. Funny, I had this image that it snowed a lot, all over Tasmania, and NOT receiving snow in the winter was the rare thing! I had the same idea for the Netherlands!

I know of quite a few instances here in Queensland where train tracks have buckled due to high temperatures, so, you're 'on the right track' with that, Nuytsia and Liquid Ice Big Grin ! I've even heard of tracks buckling down in Brisbane, which has far lower temperatures than up here in the north-west of the state but were far higher than the norm for that region at the time.

Rail closures happen here all the time due to rain, though it is usually in times of flood or due to rising creeks and rivers. When my eldest son was twelve, he was coming home with other school mates and was caught in the middle of nowhere on a train between flooded creeks, though thankfully it was only for a few hours.

Many years ago I used to have our stores (groceries etc) delivered by train from Rockhampton to a train siding a few kms from our homestead. It was much cheaper and easier than driving all the way into town to shop. One day the train derailed and our groceries with certainly made life interesting, particularly as we were experiencing wet weather and couldn't get to town to replace it all!
A paper from USQ regarding buckling, if you're interested!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-21-2010

Teehee snowy Tassie...... I didn't think it snowed everywhere here, but to be honest I think I was a little surprised to find that none of the mountains of Tassie are really that good for snow ....... it doesn't really have anything like Falls Creek, Mt Buller etc , and whatever the mountains are in NSW (Err Thredbo.... Kosciuszko...?)

I picture the Netherlands as way too flat for snow, in fact I was sort of surprised to hear you get 1cm falls!!
It must be weird to live in somewhere like New York where it's a big city and heaps of snow falls. Those things just don't go together for me!

Geees Farseer your groceries were flung all over the tracks!!! I can just see it ! No good!

Happening Here:
Oh man, not another hung parliament!!! I told you it was the beginning of a worldwide trend!!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-21-2010

Geees I just had to add my 'freaky fact of the day'
This shows what a young country Australia really still is I guess..... the oldest living Australian was born before Australia had chosen its first prime minister!!!!!
Whoa that's so weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That lady is alive today.... and when she was born we didn't even have a Prime Minister..... I mean I know it does add up, but it just seems amazing.

I mean also, just imagine having lived through 111 years!!!!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Aug-21-2010

These beings just got back from a 7-8km hike (time at their current location is 2356)

Too long wait for the bus, so they chose to walk...

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-22-2010

I've done that ..... it's always further than you think ...!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Aug-22-2010

It was shorter than 'thul thought, actually... 'thul were sure it was at least ten kilometers.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Aug-23-2010

(Aug-21-2010, 12:57 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: Happening Here:
Oh man, not another hung parliament!!! I told you it was the beginning of a worldwide trend!!!

What's crazier is that my local Federal Member, Bob Katter, holds one of the seats that may determine the final outcome (not that I voted for poor old Bob!)!!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-23-2010

Hey alright Farseer!! You should get some goodies now, hehehe!

Our seat had a swing toward the ALP !!!! Heheh bucking the trend..... what'arya Queenslanders doing up there eh? Blink

Happening in my world:

I joined a choir