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RE: What's happening in your world? - Mervi - Mar-13-2011

I agree with you redchild. And seriously, all those people commenting about Pearl Harbor - did they skip the history lesson where their teacher talked about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Some people... sometimes I just want to stop the planet and get off of it.

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Mar-14-2011

These beings Just(ish) got back from a weekend competition. Their team won the second place (as opposed to loosing first place), and will therefore get their team name added to the trophy thingy...

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Mar-14-2011

BRAVO 'thul beings Clapping I'd be interested to see that trophy with 'thul beings engraved upon it! At least you didn't get first place as that would have created a dilemma for you all...deciding which one of you got to take it home!! Big Grin

Quote:It's so ridiculous how people just love to push their stereotypical views and stir up old dirty laundry that really has no business with the present. WWII was several generations ago. A natural disaster is not some wrathful divine being's retribution. Victim blaming is such a wonderful waste of breath, also. As if anyone can ever be fully prepared to be slammed by the entire ocean.

I also strongly agree, redchild, but neither was I surprised to read your post and discover some are digging up "old bones" (I loved that insight from Nighteyes! P). As soon as my husband and I saw the devastation in Japan and heard of support coming from the US, we turned to each other and said, "No doubt, there'll be many who distain that help."

For some, old 'hurts' never heal, no matter how much time has passed, and this is so well expressed by the events of the Red Ship War (pre, post and during), I think. Perceived wrongs, no matter how ridiculous they are as seen by others, are still 'wrongs' in the eyes of the 'wronged' and they will never get it no matter how many times they are told. Down

Better get some school done!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Mar-23-2011

I've just spent about an hour on a post, filled with lots of imagery and adjectives, only to lose the thing! Rant

Here are the notes instead:

* autumn here but feels/looks like spring - gorgeous flowers everywhere

* green as far as my eye can see after 5 1/2 inches of rain...should remain so now until the end-of-year wet season rains

* I am winning at Monopoly after avoiding Mayfair and its hotels, mostly by surpassing my previous "in jail" record (has nothing to do with playing a nine-year-old...she's merciless)

* away on a holiday for the next week or so, so may miss the arrival of 'The Inheritance' if it doesn't turn up in tomorrow's mailbag (though I just might buy a second copy if that happens!!!)

* won't be home until after I fly down to meet with Robin Hobb in Brisbane, as well as catch up with my eldest son, so I hope to have lots to share when I return...

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Mar-30-2011

These beings have started sketching in full 3D again... Making some sort of spaceship right now, though it has barely been started... So far they have drawn the tactical nerve center for it and a couple of corridors, but they have big plans for it...

The Tactical Nerve Center (TNC) is some sort of replacement for the bridge, but will be located in the middle of the ship, well protected. It is, after all, fairly pointless to have the most important part of the ship exposed...

RE: What's happening in your world? - Albertosaurus Rex - Apr-04-2011

Hey, that's looking good! Are you using any kind of special program for this?

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Apr-04-2011

These beings are using "google sketchup 8", and have gotten somewhat further by now...

[spoiler=Most of the ship, missing some chambers & one misplaced chamber, but unroofed][Image: Laukr05.png][/spoiler]
[spoiler=Crew quarters / Escape pod system][Image: Laukr06.png][/spoiler]

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Apr-12-2011

These beings are soon leaving for a vacation... (on friday morning) and they'll spend their entire easter far away from the internet... (and from dragons, oddly enough)

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Apr-19-2011

Hope you have a terrific holiday, 'thul beings. An entire Easter break without dragons? Who'd have thought it possible?!

As for me, my eldest son had his first solo flight last week and is now planning a flight across the Top End to get his hours up and complete some nav. By the sounds of it, he will be touching down on our airstrip in a week or two, so that will be very exciting!

My other son gave us a ring yesterday from "somewhere in France". He is headed to Gallipoli to participate in the ANZAC Day Dawn Service (the same trip I was supposed to be on!) and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying eating his way through Europe. As he put it, "The food is out of this world!"

My husband turned thirty-eight this week, as will I in a few months...Surrender His family will be coming to visit for a day or two over Easter.

My daughter and I are supposed to be enjoying a week of school holidays but, after so much time trekking around the place this last term, we are still here slogging it out in our schoolroom! Down So many jobs I need to get done and, as ever, no time to do them in (yes, my Supernova report is still coming Whistling Innocent ). Still, we've managed to recently acquire three kittens and one cat so our menagerie of pets continues to change and grow...

Other than that, it is beautiful weather here with there proving to already be a touch of winter felt in the mornings. This time of year is rather like Baby Bear's porridge - not too hot, not too cold but just right!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Apr-24-2011

HAPPY EASTER everyone - I hope you all have, or have had, a SUPER day if you celebrate it. I am now off to bed after my day of munching on way too much chocolate...nah, you can never have too much chocolate! Big Grin