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RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-21-2011

(Aug-13-2011, 06:18 AM (UTC))Clarity Wrote: Australians like to give people, places and events a shortened nickname. If Robin Hobb lived here she would be called "Rob" by her friends.

Or maybe Robbo

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-22-2011

Happening in my world - enjoying some sunshine the last few days. Was beginning to think I'd never see the sun again here!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Aug-26-2011

@ 'thul: Glad you all survived the jamboree, 'thul beings! P

@fool-ish: Yes, I must admit that I watched much of the happenings on TV with an open mouth. I just couldn't quite believe it was footage of London that I was viewing.

@ Clarity: I've never actually been to the Ekka, though I guess it's something I will have to do one day...just so I can say that I have "been there, done that". I travel to lots of local shows every year though, which are exactly the same as the Ekka but just on a smaller scale. Smaller is more my style though.

So...the men of the house are away for the weekend so my daughter and I are enjoying some "girl time". We're about to watch 'Beauty and the Beast' and gobble down popcorn as we go...I'd better get popping!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Aug-28-2011

I celebrated the usual annual milestone yesterday Smiling so my daughter thought she'd express her feelings for me in an expansive and rather dramatic manner that she thought would be suitably appropriate for the day. She said, "I love you more than any other person in the whole world. Wait. I guess I'd better say that I love you the same amount as Dad and (Brother One) and (Brother Two). Actually, I'd say that I love YOU more than I love both my dogs and cats COMBINED."

Uhhuh Blink

I'm guessing she loves me a LOT then?! Or not?!

Big Grin

RE: What's happening in your world? - Nuytsia - Aug-31-2011

Do you mean your birthday? Uhhuh
It's not on the calendar!? Undecided

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Aug-31-2011

It does indeed look like Farseer means birthday.

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Sep-10-2011

Yes, I was speaking of my birthday and, no, it's not on the calendar. Wink Two more of the same and I will be forty! Blink

My youngest's tenth birthday today so it's been a day filled with carting wrapping paper to the bin, a trip to town and back, a special birthday lunch, a visit to a dinosaur museum, fishing from a beautiful lake, and eating home-made icecream until we thought we'd burst.

The highlight was sifting through the pages of a newspaper dated on the day of her birth. It was amazing to see what a difference a decade has made....amazing too to sit down and read a newspaper without a snippet or even a hint of '9/11', 'Ground Zero' or 'the war on terror' etc anywhere within its pages. Yup, our daughter was born the day before the world changed.

We also bought another newspaper to mark this day, all ready to read in another decade's time.

RE: What's happening in your world? - fool-ish - Sep-28-2011

We're experiencing an Indian summer over here in Blighty..lovely! Toohot

RE: What's happening in your world? - Farseer - Sep-29-2011

Strange, strange weather we are having here after almost a month of spring. One day I will be putting ice in already cold drinks, eating ice-cream, sitting in air-conditioning and thinking of swimming but the next I'll be covered from head to toe in warm clothing, drinking hot Milo, eating soup and shivering like it's mid-winter. Today it's the more shivery day of the two types! Very strange weather indeed for this time of year. Normally we go from cold winter to hot summer with no change in between.

So much happening in my life at the moment...Surrender says '321 new posts were posted' while I had this window opened. This cannot possibly be correct!!

RE: What's happening in your world? - 'thul - Sep-29-2011

The counter tends to misbehave if a posting window is left open for some time...

These beings are slowly dealing with significant headaches these days after loosing their glasses on Sunday and being forced to use some of the wrong prescription.