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A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Mervi - Sep-30-2008

I just preordered my copy and I'm feeling a bid giddy. P I wanted to make sure I'd get one - there will only be around 2200 or so copies, and I have no idea how big fanbases the other three authors have.

In case you haven't read the front page news, here's the info page at Subterranean.

So, who else is excited to get back to the Six Duchies? Smiling

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - chriSchaeffer - Sep-30-2008

Short stories are such a tease and I usually don't really like them, but I might try this one out.

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Sini - Oct-02-2008

Me me me! Ordered a copy as well. Smiling Shipping costs almost as much as the book. Didn't go for the limited edition... Not quite enough cash for that!

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Mervi - Oct-10-2008

Chris, I know what you mean. I read [[The Fifth Squashed Cat]] last night and I have so many unanswered questions about it that it really bugs me. On the other hand, the two existing Elderling short stories, especially [[Homecoming]], feel quite different, they answer questions and add to the knowledge we already have about that world. So I'm very much looking forward to this story!

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Mervi - Dec-24-2008

There was recently a small update about the Fantasy Medley at the publisher's website saying that the design is ready and the book is through the proofing process. They've already sent the signature sheets out to the authors, although Robin hasn't yet signed hers.

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Tintaglia - Feb-15-2009

There will be an ebook version?
I'm a bit worried for the low number of copies...

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Mervi - Feb-17-2009

Tintaglia, I haven't heard about any ebook version for this - just the two different editions of the hardcover book. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen at some point I guess. I was worried about the low number of copies as well and preordered mine instantly, but since is taking preorders as well, I guess all Subterranean copies haven't been reserved yet - and the amazon price is actually lower, too.

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - chriSchaeffer - Feb-17-2009

Speaking of ebooks, did anyone else preorder a Kindle 2? Mine should be here in about a week. I'm super excited.

RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - LEGOscum - Apr-11-2009

Is this book late in coming out? I received my order notification on Jan 10th but nothing since then. I am both excited and nervous.


RE: A Fantasy Medley/Words Like Coins - Mervi - Apr-11-2009

The book was originally supposed to be published "in March".
I believe they started shipping them this past week. Their website says
Quote:...our shippers have now finished sending out all copies of A Feast for Crows (George R. R. Martin) and are turning their attention to Stephen King Goes to the Movies and A Fantasy Medley (edited by Yanni Kuznia). They hope to have all copies of Movies and Medley ready for UPS/USPS pickup by Monday...
It was posted on April 1st, so I think that makes the Monday the 6th of April. I guess the holidays might cause some delays in delivery. I don't expect my copy to arrive for at least a week because they have to ship it overseas. Has anyone received theirs yet? I can't wait to get it either!

And actually based on a couple of posts at Robin's newsgroup, it looks like the books have started to arrive! Smiling *bites nails*