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One Who Remembers - Bink - Jul-20-2010

I have read all of the books with the exception of Dragon Haven and I'm not sure if my thoughts are covered in that book.

It has to do with She Who Remembers (or One Who Remembers). It is interesting that one particular serpent is imbued with special memories to assist in migration from The Others island to their cocooning grounds.

I found it interesting as to how this serpent was chosen among the many eggs. And how was this process by which One Who Remembers gain special memory? This is especially interesting given that dragons do not retain memories of being a serpent - this is the impression I got from reading Dragon Keeper.

Along the same line in the birthing of serpents, I wonder why were the Abominations (The Others) tolerated by dragons and not killed given their detest for anything that showed aberrance from true dragon form. In fact, I wonder why the serpents eggs were not guarded by dragons and how could She Who Remembers been kidnapped. Could it be protection of eggs to be entrusted to The Others?

RE: One Who Remembers - 'thul - Jul-20-2010

Interesting theory... It is a good question why the eggs are/were unguarded...

These beings will try not to give any spoilers for Dragon Haven...

Perhaps the eggs were guarded normally, but the catastrophe that led to the Dragons' demise prevented them from being guarded? or that the regular hatching was guarded, but as she who remembers was late hatching, the hatching grounds were no longer guarded?

The way dragons appear to think of the others would make it unlikely that they would entrust them with anything...

Serpents and Dragons appear to be of a like mind where the Others are concerned...

RE: One Who Remembers - Nuytsia - Jul-20-2010

We have speculated a bit on these points in the Others Island thread (and possibly elsewhere!)

RE: One Who Remembers - Bink - Jul-20-2010

(Jul-20-2010, 01:55 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: We have speculated a bit on these points in the Others Island thread (and possibly elsewhere!)

thanks for the heads-up