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RE: A few questions about elderlings, dragons, magic etc. [general spoilers] - Farseer - Oct-24-2010

Lots of these points are covered elsewhere on thePlenty but I would like to quickly respond to this point on magic, and I am sorry that I missed this thread before as I could possibly have added my 'The Circle of Magic' post here (as well as half a dozen other places!).

(Oct-02-2010, 05:44 AM (UTC))assasin Wrote: 3. Magic
3.1 similarities to the skill
The dragons make no mention of healing or similar abilities and the elderlings get an automatic booste to their lifespans. And they don't seem to have a connection to the skill river.

re Skill healing - Bolt, as a dragon-imbued liveship, berates Wintrow on his inability to heal himself and ends up assisting him to do so after his encounter with She Who Remembers and the Others on Others Island. There are other instances but I will have to go back and find them before referencing Smiling ! Tintaglia in a similar conversation/scene with Thymara comes to mind, but I may be mistaken.

One other discussion about healing is in the Dragon metamorphosis and regeneration thread so you may find that interesting to have a look at. I will try and find the others for you as there are some really good points on the topic of healing.

re A dragon connection to the Skill River - there most definitely is a very firm connection between dragons and the Skill River and this is seen through the memories and visions of, at the very least, Tintaglia, Fitz and Sintara. While Fitz was in Kelsingra, he saw the silver Skill being raised up from the well and consumed by the golden dragon (in his visions), and it rose in him a hunger to have that Skill for himself. It was one of the reasons why Nighteyes was later concerned that Fitz couldn't stop thinking about the ancient city (related to us in the TM series when Fitz was recalling his travels to Fool in the cabin).

Tintaglia and Sintara both also clearly remembered the consumption of silver Skill from the well on arrival at Kelsingra. Along with Fitz, they both speak of the well, the windlass and the raising of the pure Skill, and Sinatara even goes on to remember that the woman who worked the windlass (in that one part of her dragon memories) wore clothing of green and gold. I have noted in another thread somewhere that this colouring is of interest as I am sure green and gold are colours used when speaking of She Who Remembers.