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RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - fool-ish - Feb-06-2012

Good to know I'm in the correct realm...not that it helps much at the moment

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - 'thul - Feb-06-2012

now now... isn't giving hints enough, or do you ask for helpful hints?

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - Farseer - Feb-06-2012

(Feb-06-2012, 12:40 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: There was far more correct in Farseer's post than in yours.

Which bits though? Blink That is the question! Big Grin Althea or not Althea? Ship of Magic or Ship of Destiny?

*thinking, thinking* Undecided

I'm sticking with Ship of Magic, I think, because that's where the majority of the 'true grief' takes place - Ephron dies, Althea loses Vivacia etc and thus all seems lost. There are plenty of sad and heart-wrenching moments in other places eg Etta loses Kennit etc (not that I gave a damn about Kennit's death! Rant Smiling ) but most of these latter 'grief' settings are strongly tinged with other things besides, eg anger etc, and this would include Althea's rape. Though she did want to die, like I said, and she grieved for Brashen as well as all other things, she was also very angry. Of course, there is anger for Althea with the loss of Ephron and Vivacia as well but these two instances reflect true grief on her part and are the moments in time that cause all of the momentous changes that follow. At least that's how I felt/saw it. Grief drowns me whilst anger anchors me, I find.

Brashen certainly grieved for Althea but he is a 'he', not a 'she'...and the quote clearly states she. Serilla and Malta may have grieved at various times (for loss of innocence/Kyle) but I just don't see this 'true grief' applying to them. These things are sad, horrible and definitely grief-worthy but... Undecided

I'm thinking this could apply best to Althea but I can't think exactly where or when. I know, as I said earlier, that she almost went into Vivacia while being punished by Kyle but she hadn't experienced real grief at that point...she hadn't lost either Ephron or Vivacia, despite the foreshadowing of these events.

I know she got drunk after losing her father and Vivacia because that's when Brashen took her home. I know that she also experienced 'true grief' but I think, for her, she had another avenue even then (revenge) once Kyle had made his promise that he would give her back Vivacia if she could get a ship's ticket. Now I'm talking myself out of it being Althea Uhhuh but it has to be her, doesn't it?!

Who else? Keffria did grieve for Kyle but this was always coupled with other feelings, and she did not truly share any profound grief for Ephron with us or even for Wintrow, Selden etc...more anger in the end (I think?) when she thought Selden was going off to the Rain Wilds. I don't know...I didn't like Keffria so found it difficult to sympathise with anything she experienced!

Ronica did grieve for Ehpron, and it was a true grief, as I imagine I would also experience should I outlive my own husband Crying one stage she lamented the fact that they would never get to go to the Spice Isles as they had planned etc...but I'm not sure if she got to grieve for him overly much with all of the goings on? She is a possibility though.

Aside from humans, the only other females who would have experienced true grief would have been Tintaglia, once she had taken flight (her grief would have been for the loss of her kind/Kelsingra), and She Who Remembers...but we weren't privy to SWR's thoughts prior to her escape and by then she'd not have had to grieve any longer. She was free, thanks to Wintrow. EDIT: Kind of second-guessing myself in that SWR did grieve even after escape...was it after Carrion ignored her and she felt all was lost?...but I still don't think it was her. END EDIT

The former two, Althea and Ronica, would fit with Ship of Magic but Tintaglia would not.

Sorry...thinking aloud... P ...and still thinking... Big Grin

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - 'thul - Feb-06-2012

you might be in on something in that post. But being slightly cruel (after waking up 6 minutes ago), 'thul wont say what was right. far more was right in this post than the one you had earlier.

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - Farseer - Feb-06-2012

Dodgy You know your being cruel has nothing to do with waking up only moments prior to is in your beings' blood! P

Now I have to go back and pull my post to bits to decide which little thread I should follow... Detective

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - 'thul - Feb-06-2012

*draconian grin*

try comparing the posts... there are (some) correct parts to both of those answering posts of yours. parts, mind you...
ok, in the meantime, while you ponder...
got to thinking about this quote somehow... not sure exactly what triggered it...

How closely in location (in the correct book) can you place this quote?

round 2, quote 2 Wrote:blood or gold, the debt is owed.
please, if you estimate page number, add a total page count, as not all editions have same page counts... 'thul's digital version has 1730 pages with the current style sheet and text size.

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - Farseer - Feb-06-2012

A page count?! Blink Crikey 'thul beings, no way! I couldn't even do the chapter or the physical placement within the covers! Surrender

I'll bite with the 'which book and when' though...

I know at least two people who definitely said this - Caolwn Festrew and Grag Tenira - and I have a very, very strong feeling that Jani Khuprus also said it.

The first was in SoM when Caolwn first met with Ronica in her home and Ronica had come up short with the payment for Vivacia. The second was in...TMS ... (?) when Grag was speaking with Althea and worrying that it could be Althea who would be forfeit for the payment, and not Malta. As for the third, it would have been when Jani went with Caolwn to speak with Keffria and Ronica about the dream box that Malta had opened. Erk! I can't remember which book! Was it before or after the conversation Althea had with Grag?? Before? I'll say Jani also said it in SoM?

My brain's fried!

As for the other quote, I'm not settled on anything yet....though now that I think of all of the 'grief' moments, I'm leaning toward Ephron's death for the time being. Really, that was THE catalyst for everything that happened in the books...including Althea's loss of Vivacia. If Ephron hadn't died, she would not have lost her.

I'm off for a bath and a resumption of my SoM re-read. It's been a couple of days and I'm stuck wallowing in the good stuff that's happening on the Treasure Beach of Others' Island with that blasted Kennit! Pirate

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - 'thul - Feb-06-2012

actually, it was for the ones truly obsessed and certain with page count. the original thought was in the order of 1st half, 2nd quarter or similar precision level. It was also an example so that none would say "page 348", which would be imprecise precise number, as 348 in a 600-page book obviously isnt the same as 348 in a 1730-page book.

Have you decided upon a single answer to go with for now on the quote on grief? These beings won't say whether it is correct until there's only one answer in the post.

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - 'thul - Feb-07-2012

It seems in hindsight that it was a poor quote to ask for location of, the one in these beings' signature, as it indeed appears in many places. The appearance asked for was the first one.

anyways... got another... somewhat golden in quality.
round 2, quote 3 Wrote:You look like a pirate,
who said it, speaking to whom, when and where, both location in RotE and what book?

The answer to R2Q1 is somewhere in your posts, possibly in a few pieces, but it is there, farseer.

RE: RotE quote game...(spoilers all books) - Selene - Feb-07-2012

Yeah, I know it: it's Selden and he speaks to Brashen in the house of the Vestrits when Brashen comes telling them that Kennit has taken the Vivacia. It's the liveship traders trilogy and ..oh oh.. which book... I guess it's the mad ship... Is it right??