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RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Mar-10-2011

Is it the first X-files movie? (Sometimes subtitled Fight the Future.)

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Mervi - Mar-11-2011

Yes! We have a winner! Smiling

(The first scene posted is the black helicopters searching for Mulder and Scully who are running through a corn field - a nod to North by Northwest and itself parodied again in that one animated movie .... well the title escapes me now.The second photo is of the bottom of the space ship we see towards the end of the film.)

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Mar-11-2011

I saw that movie recently, and I do remember seeing the Independence Day poster. Alright, now give me some time to find a new snapshot, this is not easy to do...
Alright, I don't know how to take snapshots myself, so I took this from a blog.

Please tell me if it's too difficult.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Farseer - Mar-13-2011

(Mar-09-2011, 01:09 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: Hmm... Difficult, it is.

Grainy details would indicate some age to it, the helicopters are non-military, and fairly advanced, so age is probably from 80's-late 90's... Their position and the searchlight would indicate a search for something or someone... Little else to be deduced...

You may not have guessed correctly 'thul beings, but I was still impressed by your 'deductions'!!!

As for your new shot, AR, I have nothing! *Yoda voice* Bad at this game I am! P

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Mervi - Mar-13-2011

I'm thinking Monty Python's Life of Brian - it's the colours I guess.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Mar-13-2011

Nope, that's not it.

I specifically got it from a section entitled "Unusual screenshots".

RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Mar-14-2011

The deductions did not help, since 'thul had not heard of an X-files movie.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Farseer - Apr-14-2011

I give up! Surrender

RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Apr-15-2011

These beings are more persistent.

Could it be a movie about alien encounters? Close encounters, at that... not of the first, nor second, but third kind? A movie named just that?

PS: if it should happen to be correct, then anyone can submit image for next challenge. 'thul are gone for 10 days, so they cannot submit one...

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Farseer - Apr-15-2011

The only thing I can come up with is that it appears Middle Eastern-ish to me!