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RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Jun-06-2011

maybe it is a tad bit hard...

hmm... we'll give another hint then...

the main character (and only named character) is a warlock.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Jun-06-2011

I think I'll throw in the towel. I'm not well versed in animation these days. (But not completely unknowledgeable - take my new avatar as a subtle clue.)

RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Jun-06-2011

It was created sometime around 2007, so its starting to become slightly aged.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Jun-06-2011

You know guys, given the great difficulty of this game, maybe we should run a few different pictures at the same time? Let me know what you think.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Jun-06-2011

that is always possible, or so these beings think. They actually also doubt anyone here can figure out their picture without essentially being told exactly what to look for.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Jun-07-2011

Ok, these beings have decided to release the answer to their challenge, since none here could figure it out (yes, it was a bit too difficult.)

These beings also have a new challenge, one that might be a bit easier...

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Farseer - Jun-07-2011

Not sure about the new challenge but it's a terrific shot with the severed arm and sword!

As for the other..."pathological maniac" indeed! Blink Aside from the images, the music is now stuck in my head (thanks 'thul beings!! P ), especially as I recognise it/the original song from some Disney movie I have seen far too many times. Argh, what IS it??!!

Lightbulb Ah, that's it...Ariel singing 'Part of Your World' in The Little Mermaid?
Here's one that may prove to be somewhat easy to solve.


RE: Movie snapshot game... - 'thul - Jun-08-2011

Despite having seen it many times, these beings never saw that connection to the mermaid. Probably because they have only seen that movie once. At least 10 years ago, probably longer.

These beings will naturally be even more cruel and post the link to the webcomic that follows the above clip...

These beings have not been able to figure out the movie you posted from yet.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Albertosaurus Rex - Jun-08-2011

Yeah, the melody was definitely from The Little Mermaid, although it took me some time to figure out what it reminded me of. Thul, does your new shot happen to be from Beowulf? (The movie from 2007, that is.)

Farseer: I have no idea what that is.

RE: Movie snapshot game... - Nuytsia - Jun-08-2011

Thanks, I've just been doing stuff and not reading the forums (bad!)
Hehe amazing how time flies though.

I like your new (?) sig, and have no idea what your avatar is, but it's cute!

(Jun-05-2011, 02:50 PM (UTC))Albertosaurus Rex Wrote: Nuytsia! Welcome back! I was just beginning to wonder where you had gone to.

As for the picture, I haven't the foggiest clue.

I am not sure what thul's snapshot is but it reminds me of Game of Thrones! It's not from the TV series is it? (which I haven't seen and is not a movie in any case)

Farseer is yours the movie 'Australia'? Again I haven't seen it, but I think it has Hugh Jackman in it ......