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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Farseer - Mar-06-2011

Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NUYTSIA!!! Happyballoon

Here's wishing you a magical day - have fun with your Mum!

ps Just think, if you'd been born only two days earlier, you'd have shared your birthday with our Tangle mad is that?!

Wub Grouphug

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - 'thul - Mar-07-2011

indeed... happy birthday...

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - redchild - Mar-07-2011

Happy Birthday, Nutysia!

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - 'thul - Mar-07-2011

hmm... ah...

*feeds upon cake in the name of Nuytsia*

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - Nuytsia - Mar-09-2011

Wow thanks Farseer and everyone! Big Grin

I think I actually stumbled across Robin's newsgroup around birthday time (1 year ago, how time flies), so I was blown away to find out her birthday was 2 days before mine! Hehehe!!!

Awwww this message was a nice surprise....... Magic

And we are still eating the leftover cake 2 days later... mmmmmm that's the beauty of fruit cake it doesn't go stale! And it's yummmy.

On my birthday we went down a cave and on a train ride!

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - 'thul - Mar-09-2011

The only advantage to cake that might go stale is that you have an excuse to eat it all quickly...

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - Albertosaurus Rex - Mar-09-2011

Please excuse me for being late to the party and allow me to retroactively wish you a very happy birthday!

Magic Joker Yay

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUYTSIA! - Farseer - Mar-20-2011

I've renamed this thread just HAPPY BIRTHDAY so we all have somewhere to come to, to send off our best wishes whenever a birthday crops up. I have tended to send a PM in the past but, what the heck?! Big Grin That being said,

Happyballoon HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'THUL BEINGS!!! Happyballoon

I am thinking of you all and hope you all have an AWESOME day, celebrating twenty-two years of life!!! Slurp Grouphug

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - 'thul - Mar-21-2011

These beings are thankful for the wishes, and the ideas behind them are very much part of the plan, even if they had to get up early (05:55)...

RE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Mervi - Mar-21-2011

Happy birthday 'thul! I hope your day is a sunny one. Smiling

(I fear I'm going to miss posting here on most birthdays so I apologize in advance for that.)