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RE: Wintrow/Kennit SPOILERS ALL HOBB BOOKS INCL COD - Farseer - Feb-01-2013

I approach expressing this thought with trepidation ('thul! P ) but it is a thought I've had for some time, sitting vague and unformulated...

...not much time to expand, or think it through with you all, at the moment but I believe that the charm will likely bond with Paragon in a relationship akin to a Wit bond and/or a bond shared between a dragon and an Elderling. Given my thoughts regarding the boy Paragon (that he is destined to be an Elderling due to the serpentine tail/serpentine representation of him in the charm that Etta found on the Treasure Beach of Others' Island etc), and that the charm itself retains its dragon qualities (just as some other such items of wizardwood make, like liveships, do), it seems a logical step then that the charm and the boy Paragon can share a dragon-Elderling bonding.

Given my thoughts then also about Wintrow, Althea and co and the Skill, Elderling ancestory etc, this would also explain why such ones as they can bond to a ship, speak with a ship, be 'aware' of a ship, or grow in sensitivity etc to a ship, in the same vein that a human/Elderling/Skilled One can experience the same things with a dragon.

So. ^ This is not *all* that I think because, as I said, no time to expand or back up my thoughts....but there you have it.

EDIT: The charm is also 'keyed to Kennit' and, by virtue of blood, to the boy Paragon a way that it is not to Etta, despite his obvious caring for her.

RE: Wintrow/Kennit SPOILERS ALL HOBB BOOKS INCL COD - 'thul - Feb-04-2013

These beings feel that while a bond of some sort might develop, it will not be anything like a true elderling-dragon bond. Why? Because liveships aren't dragons. They're mere shadows. Thus the bond will be a shadow of its true potential.

For Paragon Ludlock to become an Elderling would require a dragon. Either one of the known ones, or perhaps one from one of the lost cases. (the ones washed away by the flood). The charm could indicate that was his purpose in existing, but it could also be something else entirely. Only time will tell, if it ever is uncovered.

Even the human-animal bond of those born with the Wit is a shadow compared to what an Elderling-dragon bond could be. It is a strong bond, but not as powerful. Perhaps it is merely a means for those with Elderling blood to survive in the face of no dragons.

The kennit charm will not be able to bond the way a ship can, simply because it has too little wizardwood in it. It cannot be much more than a simple advisor.