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RE: Which character is your favourite? - Changer - May-15-2009

What do you guys think of Starling by the way? I can't make my mind on her haha

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Sini - May-16-2009

Ah, Starling. She should have a thread of her own Big Grin

She is hard to like, but when you know her reasons you understand why she does the things she does. I respect her. She is a woman who knows what she wants and is ready to do everything it takes to get there. I don't like all the means she uses but that is the way of those people. And as I said, she has her reasons.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - redchild - May-22-2009

I rather like Starling. She's not someone who would let other people control her, which I believe is something Fitz is actually very envious of. She's someone who looks for truth rather than reality, and I feel her speech to Fitz reveals a very philosophical side of her. She does seem to be someone difficult to get along with at first because of clashing viewpoints; like her initially rocky relationship with the Fool and her prejudices of the Wit. But I find she does come around and changes her perspective. I think that's how she grows, really; by getting into fights and arguments and apologizing for it later P And while it seems like she is something of a whirlwind, wandering from place to place, being a presence wherever she is, she actually yearns for stability- which one thing she has in common with Fitz.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Tintaglia - May-22-2009

I rather hate Starling; she doesn't speaks to me, I find her boring or, at least, boring.
But noone mantioned one of MY favourite carachters: my beloved, crazy, tender Paragon. Smiling

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Zanio Canica - May-23-2009

It's a really tough thing to single out one of these awesome characters.
But if I had to choose one it would probably chose Wintrow, mainly because I related to him a lot in the sense that he feels that his father is always looking down on him for not following his ways and in his footsteps.
I also love his determination to show everyone that he isn't a weakling yet still hold faith in what he believes in.

That said I cannot help but love pretty much all of the other characters. I should just list every significant character right here. XD

Hmmm, Yeah Starling is a strange character. But I like her a lot. I have a soft spot for minstrels, and the fact that she still continues to follow her dream after they were almost literally snapped, -heh- is quite inspiring.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Caroline - Jun-29-2009

(May-07-2009, 10:07 AM (UTC))maulkin Wrote: I wonder what Web's story is. Does he represent an elite group among the Old Blood or is he just a remarkable individual who has succeeded in developing his capabilities far beyond those of his fellows?

Wouldn't it be funny if Web turned out to be the boy that Old Blood family accidentally exposed to a nest of baby birds when he was an infant and he lost his humanity? What if Web is wise now because he came by it the hard way by learning to be human?

RE: Which character is your favourite? - trekkie75 - Jun-29-2009

My favourite character is Beloved, but - as I have a soft spot for villains, too - I rather appreciated Regal. On an "interesting character" level. Not on any smypathy scale, of course.

I like about Starling that she's very straightforward and honest. I think when she talks to Fitz she can handle him a lot better than the fool, because she's less cryptic and just speaks her heart.
I also like the concept of the minstrel way of living itself.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Seventh - Jun-30-2009

I know it's too easy, but I just DO love the Fool/Lord Golden. Particularly the third book of the Assassin trilogy and the first book of the Tawny Man trilogy. Amber, slightly less so, but probably just because she was more of a minor character in that setting.

I'm utterly fascinated by his background, the 'two fathers, who were cousins, as was the custom of that land' really intrigues me. I'd love to know more about his culture, whether his people are like him or not!

Dragon Keeper

Other characters I love are Burrich [so duty-bound, so completely devoted to 'doing the right thing' whether he wants to or not], Shrewd [very like his namesake, when he still had his health!], and Ronica Vesrit [still fighting for her family when everything crumbled apart]

Oh! and the hedge-witch's [dammit, what was her name?] cat:
"Fish for the cat."
"Why should I give you fish?"
"Because I am the cat"

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Changer - Jul-06-2009

(Jun-30-2009, 04:54 PM (UTC))Seventh Wrote: Other characters I love are Burrich [so duty-bound, so completely devoted to 'doing the right thing' whether he wants to or not]

Hmmm I feel always feel a connection with the Starks from ASoIaF when I read about Burrich. Just because they seem to think exactly the same ... a good way of thinking I should addP:

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Shantar - Jul-22-2009

As a sidenote, this was the perfect thread for me to connect the English names with the translated Finnish ones :p. Had fun guessing who is who.

The person I can relate most to is Fitz. Many times I hoped he wouldn't blame himself so much over issues he couldn't have prevented or known. At the same time I admire how he says the right things in impossible situations. Yes, I really am talking about Fitz. The way he handled Molly and the kids after coming back, for example. Nobody's perfect, he messed up somewhat while confronting The Fool about his feelings. But even so I just think he was being quite human. I really understand why he wanted to have the talk that later proved to be, well, problematic. If he hadn't understood The Fool's feelings, the talk should've sounded to him as a simple way to tell The Fool that a small misunderstanding had risen and that it should be dealt with.