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RE: Which character is your favourite? - Nuytsia - May-09-2010

Thanks Farseer that brings a lot of things together !

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Farseer - May-13-2010

(May-05-2010, 09:31 AM (UTC))Chrischa Wrote: I was more thinking about how his name might tie him to never be more then a "son". As in; never seeking to be more then his father is, in this particular case never having ambitions for the throne. Son-Of-Chivalry might also bind him to never be Chivalry himself, if you know what I mean.

Yes, and Chade even got angry with Fitz about this apparent lack of ambition for the throne
(May-05-2010, 09:31 AM (UTC))Chrischa Wrote: As to the other aspect you brought up; I can think of three points in his life when Fitz was so much like Chivalry that other people even commented on it. First of all of course there's his physical appearance and the way he is built, moves and fights. Secondly he wants to marry for love rather then political advantages (Shrewd actually calls him Chivalry during this argument, doesn't he?). And thirdly he abandons his task just when the kingdom needs him the most; he doesn't want to be an assassin any more.

You’re right, Shrewd did call him Chivalry!

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Nuytsia - May-14-2010

(May-13-2010, 07:36 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: Yes, and Chade even got angry with Fitz about this apparent lack of ambition for the throne
Goodness that's actually a lot like:
Soldier Son Trilogy Spoiler!
Also - that's a heck of a lot of similarities between Chivarly and Fitz there!!!
Interesting to think what might have been different for Dutiful if not for Fitz's actions too.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Farseer - Aug-09-2010

This thread hasn't been used in a while (May!) and I would be interested to hear comments re the characters from newboys we've gained since then P !

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Nuytsia - Jan-11-2011

Me too!

And I was reading your earlier post seeing it was referred to in the 'hero enabler' thread, and I found myself LOL'ing at this:

(Apr-21-2010, 03:28 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: Leftrin - as for Brashen and also his devotion to T and A.

Ok probably I have a gutter mind.....

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Lady Laura - Feb-19-2011

I've only read the Soldier Son trilogy, the Liveship trilogy and Rain Wild Chronicles, so unfortunately I haven't met the famous Fitz yet!!! P

But from SS, I really loved Epiny - such an amazing strong female character! I usually am very critical of female characters in books, but Hobb creates so many wonderfully dynamic and strong women that I rarely have reason to complain in her books.

From Liveship trilogy, there are so many characters I liked Big Grin A few were Althea (reminds me of Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean, only better!), Wintrow, Malta (what an amazing character development!), Seldon (would love to have seen more of him in RWC), Kennet (such a complex character, i liked and hated him at different times). I grew to like Etta actually, despite my initial reservations about her. And Keffria grew on me too, her development was very interesting. I cant remember her name, but that woman from Jamaillia who was the Satrap's companion- I thought the addition of her character was very welcome, I really liked her strength of mind and resolve.

I'm sorry this post is getting long! In RWC, I actually think Sedric's my favourite (I know many fans would disagree though). I admit that Dragon Keeper started out with me liking Sedric, but as the book went on, I started to see his flaws and bad sides of his character. I began to hate him in small ways- especially when he took blood from Relpda. However, at the same time I think his ruthlessness was a result of his deep fears and his need to have a happy life with Hest. He was blind in ways to Hest's terrible treatment of him, but deep doen he knew it, and he slowly comes to realise that. I thought it was very realistic, because there are plenty of people who have been abused or mistreated, but they don't fully accept the reality of it. And poor Sedric had been living quite comfortably with Hest (materially-wise), and obviously if Hest "dumped" him, he'd be forced to return to his family, or find work on his own. So he ignored Hest's mistreatment of him, and kept presuming things would get better of their own accord. Overall I felt sympathetic for him, even if at times his behaviour annoyed me lol

Anyway, I have so much to say but it's probably already been said in another thread LOL I should go post my opinions of Sedric in a more suitable thread P

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Nightchade - Feb-20-2011

I was intrigued by the Fool right from the beginning. By the end of AQ it was love! Fitz of course and Nighteyes.(I really missed the 'Wit' and Nighteyes' particular brand of wit in the last two books.) I also liked reading about Chade, his plotting, secretiveness,Knowledge of poisons, recklessness with the Skill and things that explode. He's also flawed which makes him a good rounded character. So ruthless but I think he really cares for Fitz as well as uses him.

Patience and Lacy are amazing. (I love the way Lacy whips out her knitting needles as weapons.) and Kettle because you always knew she had hidden depths. I'm also rather partial to Fennel the cat. Odd because I was going to name a cat Fennel before I had ever read the TM series. When Fennel first appeared in the books he just looked like a brown tabby to me instead of a ginger one !
Hmmm I suppose if theres a common thread to this its characters who have made me smile and are more than what they seem.

In the LT I'm not sure I liked Kennet but loved reading about him; such charisma. Also liked Ophelia and Seldin. Amber became more interesting when I found out who he/she really was. Must read them again. So much magic in that series.

BTW. My cat ended up being called 'Fitz' in the end!Wink

RE: Which character is your favourite? - redchild - Feb-20-2011

^Yes, I wonder what Lacy does to keep her killer knitting-needle skills sharp...

Welcome to the forums, LadyLaura. You must get to reading the Farseer and Tawny Man series soon. Must.

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Farseer - Feb-20-2011

*gasp* There would be spoilers all over the place in this thread, Lady Laura! I'd avoid it or keep my eyes closed if I were you! Sleepy's difficult to put spoiler tags throughout this thread as all Realm of the Elderlings books are covered...I think I will add a spoiler tag in the thread name, just to be safe from here on in!

Gernia character discussions would require being specifically covered here, if going into depth, as this is a Realm of the Elderlings thread only. Feel free to discuss further in the Gernia threads though! I might amend the thread title to include that too?
ps I have to agree though, E, is an amazing female character!!! Clapping

RE: Which character is your favourite? - Nuytsia - Feb-21-2011

(Feb-20-2011, 12:34 AM (UTC))Nightchade Wrote: BTW. My cat ended up being called 'Fitz' in the end!Wink

Heheheh love it! Clapping