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Collections (including photos) - Farseer - Sep-19-2011

As I have confessed before, I am a hoarder. I hoard all sorts of things. I also collect things.

For myself, I collect books, jars (for preserves), recipe books, chook-themed objects, rose-covered objects and 'country' or 'antique-type' paraphernalia eg rolling pins, old washboards, biscuit tins, kerosene lamps etc. Will post some photos of these soon.

For other people I collect milk bottle caps, corks and stamps.

What do you collect?

RE: Collections (including photos) - fool-ish - Sep-19-2011

I'm a hoarder, rather than a collector. Does a book collection count? Or am I just hoarding books?

RE: Collections (including photos) - Apricots - Sep-20-2011

(Sep-19-2011, 10:51 PM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: I'm a hoarder, rather than a collector. Does a book collection count? Or am I just hoarding books?

Oh I definitely hoard books - I take after my dad, who did the same until he got a Kindle. My cupboards are groaning with them!

RE: Collections (including photos) - 'thul - Sep-20-2011

These beings collect many things... wood, signs, books, movies....

RE: Collections (including photos) - fool-ish - Sep-20-2011

I can't bring myself to throw books away, no matter what state they're in. And my cupboards are groaning with them too. One can't have enough books is what I say..that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it!

RE: Collections (including photos) - Nuytsia - Sep-20-2011

Yeah another hoarder here....... I really should sort my crap into some sort of order so I can call at least part of it a 'collection' Big Grin

RE: Collections (including photos) - londonlassie - Aug-23-2012

Perhaps slightly strangely, the only thing I really collect is languages P

RE: Collections (including photos) - joost - Aug-23-2012


Some older pictures (collection has increased in the meantime):
[Image: Foto0043.jpg]
[Image: Foto0042.jpg]
[Image: Foto0041.jpg]
[Image: Foto0040.jpg]

RE: Collections (including photos) - fool-ish - Aug-23-2012

Wow! That there is some music collection! Big Grin Do you still have the turntable for your vinyl? We still have a fair collection of vinyl in the loft and, I think, a turntable is still lurking up there somewhere.

RE: Collections (including photos) - joost - Aug-23-2012

Yes, I listen to a lot of stuff on vinyl, and still buy new stuff on LP too.