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RE: What are you listening? - joost - Feb-25-2012

More a 'what have you listened to'. I went to a Rosa crvx concert last night. Almost 2 hours of gothrock goodiness!

Adorasti (with a really cool modern dance performance)

RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - Jul-17-2012

I wasn't sure where to put this Undecided ...

Hopnut Jester is a fellow Hobb fan over in Robin's Newsgroup and he has made a YouTube video of himself picking out a tune on an acoustic guitar. The video was a simple test run (so "no bells and whistles", he says) and the tune was inspired by *Liveships Traders spoiler*

I thought I'd share it here, with HJ's permission, as it's interesting to see how we are each inspired by Robin's/Megan's works, and also just as interesting to see what form other Hobb fans take in the flesh. P

[video=youtube] [/video] Argh! This link doesn't seem to be working so it's also below:

RE: What are you listening? - 'thul - Jul-18-2012

interesting tune...

RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - Nov-10-2012

Listening to a bit of Michael Buble - - while I work. Can't get hyperlinks etc to work, sorry.

RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - Feb-21-2013

Joost, Robin shared your 'I'm reading a book' link on her Facebook page recently but I can't find it in here (where you shared it with us in the past) to share with newer ThePlenty members. Will come back to share the link when I can as that will be quicker than searching...doesn't help to search an author fan site with the keywords of "I'm reading a book"! Surrender

If I don't do it now, I'll never get back to do it:

Joost shared this with us some time ago and I had to grin when it popped up with Robin on FB. Big Grin

RE: What are you listening? - Valarya - Mar-04-2013

Listening to a great Dusky podcast put up on one of my favorite music sites.

RE: What are you listening? - joost - Apr-08-2013

There's one sure cure against winter depression:

Manu Chao!