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RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - Apr-20-2010

Country hick that I am, Garth Brooks Wub and the Dixie Chicks prior to that!

RE: What are you listening? - Albertosaurus Rex - Apr-21-2010

My mother vacuuming. :p

RE: What are you listening? - Chrischa - Apr-21-2010

(Dec-12-2009, 10:10 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: Lately, I've been listening to Sting's new Christmas album a lot. I'd actually call it "a winter album", since although most of the songs do have a connection to Christmas, it's not your usual boring carols&classics stuff, and it has a very winter-y and northern feeling. My favourite songs are "Soul Cake", "Cold Song" and "Hurdy Gurdy Man". The album is called "If On A Winter's Night..."

Stings' 'Nothing Like The Sun' was the very first album I ever bought for myself, when I was 13. Smiling Followed closely by Phil Collins' 'Both Sides'.

Right now I'm into progressive and melodic rock - Genesis and Marillion mainly but there's some very good new bands out there like Gazpacho, Ayreon and Pure Reason Revolution.

Gazpacho is a very good Norwegian band, they create soundscapes that are really beautiful. If you're curious you can check them out on

RE: What are you listening? - Liquid Ice - Apr-21-2010

I'm listening to Mother by The Bloody Beetroots

Electrrrroooonnnniiiiiiccccc =D

RE: What are you listening? - Nuytsia - Apr-22-2010

(Apr-21-2010, 09:47 AM (UTC))Chrischa Wrote: Right now I'm into progressive and melodic rock - Genesis and Marillion

This reminded me of The Young Ones..... am I REALLY old for thinking that?


What I'm listening to ..... RAIN!
At last!!! Been waiting for it for a while with an anxious eye on our rainwater tank slowly dwindling.....

RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - May-13-2010

None other than the 'Piano Man' himself, Billy Joel..."I am an innocent man"...

RE: What are you listening? - Nuytsia - May-31-2010

An old mixed CD I just found:
it's got:
that song from the computer game Pharoah that I was talking about in some other thread - yeah!!!!
cotton eyed joe dance remix
some song by deep forest i forgot the name of
the sting
dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing
the goodies theme
a song i am not sure if its another deep forest or from the soundtrack to the movie Baraka
speed racer theme
kung fu fighting dance remix
house of the rising sun (nina simone version)


RE: What are you listening? - Farseer - May-31-2010

So many lines to stick in your head...! "Goodie, goodie, yum, yum" Smiling !

RE: What are you listening? - Lord Punctual - Jun-01-2010

The late night news Manitoba, because it's 3 AM and local television has gone to infomercials.

RE: What are you listening? - Nuytsia - Jun-01-2010

I know, I love catchy, silly, upbeat stuff!!! No love ballads for me thanks!

Yay Lord P, good to see the late night club is alive and well.
Teheee take THAT sleep!

ps omg don't tell me you get those informercials late at night too! HATE those!
Luckily one of our non-commercial channels goes all night (and shows things other than news...!) and one of the newish digital (commercial) channels doesn't actually show informercials ..... although at 3am you are probably going to be subjected to something like re-runs of 'Just Shoot Me' .