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RE: What are you listening? - 'thul - Oct-18-2010

'thul listened to numerous choirs today. It was quite nice, even if they were all in various states of drunkenness...

RE: What are you listening? - Nuytsia - Oct-20-2010

A Boobook Owl calling

RE: What are you listening? - joost - Oct-29-2010

Ianva - Italia: ultimo atto!

An Italian band playing music that lies between 30s cabaret, neofolk and Ennio Morricone

Ianva - Luisa Ferida
Ianva - In battaglia
Ianva - La ballata dell'ardito
Ianva - Tango della menade
Ianva - Amsterdam (Jacques Brel cover)

RE: What are you listening? - joost - Nov-14-2010

Rome - Masse, Mensch, Material

Luxemburgian neofolk, very good album!

Rome - Die Brandstifter:
Rome - Wir Moorsoldaten:
Rome - Das Feuerordal:

RE: What are you listening? - 'thul - Nov-18-2010

'thul are currently listening to this:

RE: What are you listening? - joost - Nov-28-2010

Bohren & Der club of gore - Dolores

Don't be alarmed by the bandname: this is loungy jazz. Very relaxing album.


RE: What are you listening? - Mervi - Dec-01-2010

I've been listening to a lot of Celtic Woman lately, both the group and the individuals' solo works. I'm particularly liking Hayley Westenra at the moment,

RE: What are you listening? - joost - Dec-03-2010

Mervi, do you know the Mediæval bæbes or Miranda sex garden? Both have Celtic influences (although MSG is more madrigal-oriented, especially on their first a-capella album).

RE: What are you listening? - Mervi - Dec-05-2010

No, I'd never heard about them. Thanks for the tips, joost! Smiling

RE: What are you listening? - Mervi - Dec-08-2010

I love Spotify! I found The original motion picture soundtrack for Disney's the Lion King... in Finnish! I still know the lyrics by heart. *is thirteen* My best friend and I were obsessed with this movie, and we both bought the soundtrack CDs - one in English and the other in Finnish so we could make copies for each other (c cassettes Clapping) - mine was the original and so it's been ages since I've listened to the translation. Oh the golden days! Wub