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Rapskal and Verity (spoilers all RotE books including CoD and BoD) - A Rant Lord - Jan-22-2012

Sorry, first post, was just wondering if this has been noticed.
While reading the rain wild chronicles, I read Rapskals trips to Kelsingra. Next I read the series over again and I found Verity (excuse moi don't know what page) making a camp fire and overlooking a map. Rapskal get's blamed by that woman (whathername) for making a fire and ruining that map. I was very excited to notice that verity had been here on his quest to find the Elderlings! Who noticed this? And please, I am a huge fan of the series, but have no idea how this network works, connect me to some huge theories (also unnoticed things!) plz!

RE: Rapskal and Verity - joost - Jan-22-2012

I thought it was Fitz who did that?

RE: Rapskal and Verity - Farseer - Jan-22-2012

Erk Blink , no doubt a CoD and/or a BoD spoiler in here (?) so I have added a spoiler tag to the thread title...though I have to also admit that stumbling on this has got me VERY EXCITED considering I have harped on lately about how much the RWC will soon have to connect with happenings in Assassin's Quest!!! Smiling

Other than that, well met and welcome to thePlenty, A Rant Lord! Slurp

You are right, A Rant Lord. Verity did make a fire in the Kelsingra map tower. He then used a burnt stick to assist with his map-making while making his way to the quarry.

In saying that, you are correct as well, joost, in that Fitz did also make a fire in the very same way, following Verity's suit...even using the remains of Verity's fire. Fitz didn't use it to create a writing tool though, instead using it to warm himself and to provide himself with some light, I think.

Fitz had noticed the remnants of a not-very-fresh-but-still-quite-recent fire and, once he understood that the broken table that the poeple were arguing over was actually a map, he realised that it must have been Verity who'd made it and used it and the burnt stick to create a map. He then went down and found the room that was walled with the pigeonholes that were filled with scrolls, and where he found some ink and vellum. It was from there that Fitz used his spit to help make ink and then he made the map that he would later compare to Kettricken's.

All fairly fresh for me after chatting in other threads about the scrolls, map table etc. Not sure on the chapter number in Assassin's Quest but, from memory, my guess is that its name is The City, (from where all of the other good stuff comes from that I want to come back and keep chatting about eg Blue Lake, before I read CoD and BoD!!). EDIT: Just checked and, yes, the chapter is 'The City' in AQ, and it is Chapter Twenty-Seven :END EDIT

This little tidbit makes me realise how little time I have left!!! Surrender

RE: Rapskal and Verity (spoilers Farseer and RWC, including CoD and BoD) - fool-ish - Jan-22-2012

Hello, A Rant Lord Smiling I should have avoided this thread, but the names Rapskal and Verity drew me in!! The story has to connect with AQ at some point, so I don't think I've been too badly spoiled. I'm even more impatient now though..wishing my life away for the sake of a book! Blink

RE: Rapskal and Verity (spoilers Farseer and RWC, including CoD and BoD) - 'thul - Jan-22-2012

Rapskal is unique... These beings eagerly await the release of a certain few books...

These beings welcome thee, a rant lord.

RE: Rapskal and Verity (spoilers Farseer and RWC, including CoD and BoD) - Valarya - Jan-25-2012

Ever since the LST when Tintaglia flies to Kelsingra, we know it's the very same city/map tower that our beloved Fitz finds (and proof of Verity having been there, too).

Just sayin'!!!! P

Welcome, A Rant Lord!

RE: Rapskal and Verity (spoilers Farseer and RWC, including CoD and BoD) - Farseer - Jan-27-2012

Well, I thought so on my first read of LST but you'd be surprised how many either did not think it was the same city or how much this issue was in question, even after Dragon Haven let alone the LST series. It was this reason why I first ever went from 'lurker' status to 'member' status here on thePlenty (I just had to butt in that day and share the evidence that they were indeed one and the same P ) - Check posts #23, 24 and 26 for my points.

In fact, as as aside, the entire thread may be of interest given that it is based on Dragon Haven and thus the last novel released prior to City of Dragons. It might be great for a refresher for those who haven't been able to do a re-read? Lots of great posts throughout.

As mentioned in the link though, the connection with the city was even confirmed again later in DH when Alise viewed the tapestry in the Rain Wilds whilst she was in the meeting with Leftrin and Malta etc with the Rain Wild Traders. This linked the city she knew to be Kelsingra with the city Tintaglia knew to be Kelsingra, and thus to the city that Fitz and Verity had visited.

Understandable though for some not to take the evidence on face value, or to miss the hints, given that our Tangle Leader is somewhat overly sneaky at times. Sometimes things are not always what they seem, even when they seem obvious. Joker

I do have something to add on this though, when time allows. Something from back in AQ lurks and needs attention...